Bulb Direct not only provides brand name products and exceptional customer service, but we pride ourselves on being extremely knowledgeable in all things lighting. Our staff prides itself on helping you find the bulbs and information you are looking for and we wanted to convey that through our website as well. This page is here to provide you with the latest information in the lighting world as well as helpful tools for you to research and find the bulb that will best fit your needs.

Picking out the right bulb can sometimes be tricky. Below are a couple of pages that we use to help determine which bulb is the right one for you:

How to Measure a Light Bulb
Which Bulb Do You Need?
Glossary of Terms

Bulb Replacement Tool

If you are having trouble figuring our what would be a good replacement for an old incandescent or you are just looking to upgrade to CFL (compact fluorescent)  or LED (light-emitting diode) this tool from Sylvania will help.


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